18 February 2014

Hi gang!!

The preliminary sailing schedule is in for the 2014 (not 2914) season, on the sidebar.

This is not all of the races. ColYC has not put the 2014 Beercan Schedule out yet (I am fairly confident they will have the races on Wednesday evenings… just a thought.. ;). Plus, I am sure that we will add or drop a few of the races.

Boat work

Expect some weekends in April. Usually if we have decent weather, we can be comfortable in the hanger, and get everything knocked out in a single weekend. We will have all the usual cleaning, washing, and waxing the hull, mast and boom (the top part of the mast is hard to wash/wax once it is stepped..;) ) rebuilding the winches, etc. If we have enough heads, it will all get done fast.

Don is usually working hard through the offseason, taking care of the little details for his (and our) summer home so that she is in tip top shape. We need to pitch in and do our part.

Launch and Delivery

We usually plan for the start of May. Our official race schedule starts towards the end of May, but it would be nice to get our earlier in the season and shake off the rust. Our schedule for bringing Maskwa down from Winter Storage is based on getting all the work done and then Don's schedule. Personally, I am hoping for the start of May (or even end of April… think about that-- 75 days till we have the boat sailing again!!!)

So details to come as we get more info from The Bear on that!!

Cheers, all!