14 April 2014

The Bear Writith!

MASKWA Gang Awakes,

The bear is coming out of hibernation.

Spend time with your significant other, non-sailing friends, family and pets and be prepared to say Good bye.   Sailing season is about to begin.  We will have the usual full schedule with lots of races.

However, we first need to sand the bottom, clean/lubricate winches, clean/wax the hull and mast and many other items to prepare for the season.

Who will volunteer to suit up and sand the bottom??  Not a task for the meek or a clean freak.    Steve is hiding in Houston, TX, Ryan moved to San Fran,  Scott always seems to be flying, Anthony will surely have some job which takes him away.  All these previous volunteers know how to deal with sanding the bottom and make sure they are not around when it needs to be done.    Maybe I can find someone who has not experienced the thrill of looking up at the beautiful hull with tasty VC17 dust falling on their face. 

 I have been working on the keel to continue making it fair and repair the damage at the bottom from a grounding sometime last year.  It is longing for the touch of Kristen to keep it fair and smooth.   Some damage, deep scratches to the hull below the waterline also needs to be repaired.    Crystal has cleaned the oven/stove and the frig to begin the cleaning process.

The water cooler exchanger has been replaced with an updated higher capacity unit.  Hopefully no more temperature warning signal on the way to the starting line for the Mac race when the boat is fully loaded.

A new #1 jib will be on board this spring to keep us moving in light winds.  Working with the 1 year old main and spinnaker, we should be able to be able to keep up with the fleet even in those conditions.

Ok so who will massage the hull and topsides? 

26 and 27 April (9:30 am start) will be the first opportunity for a crew work detail.  We will wash, clean and wax the hull.   (I am not including sanding the hull,  waiting for an unsuspecting crew member to appear and then present them with a sanding block and a tyvek suit for the days fun- face mask and goggles also provided, beware, arrive early and awake, it can happen very quickly.)

3 and 4 May (9:30 am start)will be used to complete any tasks needed prior to launch.  The mast will be available for someone's tender touch on this weekend. 

The boat will be launched on May 7 or 8.  Halyards and electronic gear, cushions, cabin sole will be installed.   Cruising sails loaded.

Trip down to Burnham Home planned for 10 May (Departure from dock about NOON or whenever the last train arrives in Waukegan about that time.   Any early arrivals will be welcome to help organize and continue assembling the boat.   11 May is the backup date if inclement weather on 10 May. 

We will plan on practices weather permitting on Wednesdays (Except 14 May ) and weekends.

Wednesdays of course from 21 May, and any other day I can recruit some hardy souls for a venture out on the water.

The Spring opener (24 May) and Olympic cup (25 May) are the first races with the Colors on the following weekend.  We will decide to participate in these races if there has been adequate practice to not make fools of ourselves on the race course.    (Has anyone seen Mary Ellen??? Or will the foredeck be a lonely place this year??  Sarah, that is the pointy end of the boat where all the fun occurs,  Scott or George can show you the way???)  No Carly, you cannot do foredeck with a baby on your back!  Andy, I know you love the foredeck but we need you in the pit.   Andrew will probably be studying all summer.   David,  you steer down when the boat heels over with a gust while driving downwind, OK???    Mary has probably been working the sewers all winter preparing for those douses while Kristy is practicing her skills to convince the protest committee we were not guilty of a rules infraction.   Kate is working out to gain muscles to manhandle the Main or is it to manhandle the skipper??  Nicole will hopefully make some appearances as well to escape the heat of Miami and be sure I am driving properly.

We must be prepared for the NOOD regatta which follows on 6,7 and 8 June.  Three days of all out racing.

Pull on your long johns, the water is cold and the wind will also put a chill in the air.  But hey,  we survived one of the coldest winters in Chicago’s history  (well most of us, some like Nicole and Steve were positioned in Miami/Phoenix waiting for the warmer weather in Chicago).   Rum will warm you after racing.

Lots more racing for the season.    I am ready for a new season of adventures. 

MASKWA is anxiously awaiting to splash in the water.

Let me or Scott know what days you might be available so I can plan the day’s activities with appropriate supplies, ladders and miscellaneous.  

See everyone soon.

Rounding the MARK!!!!



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