27 May 2011

The skipper has returned

The skipper has returned.

There was some delay in the airport on Wednesday, so it is good that we did not plan on getting out on the water.

However, the following is the plan for Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday, looks like some rain later in the day. I will be at the boat by 10:00am. Plan on tuning the rig, and fixing some items and then hopefully the weather will allow some sailing time in the afternoon. A little rain will not stop the sailing. Bring foul gear.

Sunday, I have some family commitments in the morning so will get down to the harbor about 1:30pm. Plan on sailing shortly after arrival, since most work will have been completed on Saturday. Supposed to be sunny with moderate temperatures. Should be a good day to shake out the wrinkles.

Will have a plan for the remaining days of sailing as we ramp up for the season. We can discuss over the weekend.

Wednesday will be our first beercan. Hopefully we can get a full crew for some racing .

See you on Sat/Sun.


04 May 2011

MASKWA is on the dock.

We are now in the EG dock, same dock as last year, different letter due to some new slips in the North end of the harbor.

It was a cold and windy day, but the sun appeared for the first part of the trip. After a few last minute items, we headed out into the water. The gusts to 35 knots were rather brisk but it was rather calm with 15-20 at the end of the trip. The west to southwest wind minimized the waves, but since the rig was not well tuned and properly inspected, it was a day of motoring.

Crystal began the day driving in the heavy gusts, but the cold wind made her turn the wheel over to Adam get a feel for steering with less play in the rudder. As a newbie, he stayed out in the cold most of the day enjoying the driving. Of course Crystal and Carly also had a chance to come out of the cabin to get the feel as well during the later part of the trip. Crystal made some terrific sandwiches to keep us going. I just kept warm and dry.

Thanks to Carly, Crystal and Adam for a wonderful trip.

Sailing is almost here.