10 July 2015

2015 SuperMac, Port Huron-Mac, Ugotta Regatta, and Trans Superior!

   Maskwa lies quiet; her bottom is clean, her sails have been given the once-over for tears and rips that have gone unnoticed. Her lines are run fair, and checked for wear marks. The Crew's gear has been checked in, all safety equipment logged, and bags are packed. Perishables will be loaded in the morning, with gallons of water, blocks of dry ice, and maybe a treat or two.

568 statute miles.  

The longest freshwater race in the world, by nearly 200 miles.

We will race the 333 statute miles of the Chicago to Mackinac Race. We'll be scored in that race, but we will continue on, keeping Round Island Lighthouse to starboard, and then tack on another 238 miles down Lake Huron to Port Huron, Michigan. The nearest regatta in length is the Trans Superior, clocking in at 388 statute miles. 

This is the only location in the world that you can race so many uninterrupted freshwater miles, and we're going to go long.

Only a few days later, we'll be turning the boat North and racing the Port Huron to Mackinac Race. 235 miles. 

The following weekend, we have the Ugotta Regatta, a Saturday/Sunday regatta that has yet to show us any love, but the venue and the race make it worthwhile.

August 1st, we will be further north than we have ever sailed, racing across Lake Superior in the Trans Superior Regatta; Sioux Saint Marie, Michigan to Duluth, Minnesota! 388 more miles. So much lake to cover!

1 month.

4 races.

Just a hair over 1200 miles Rhumb line. 

The crew is ready, the boat is ready. 

At 1210pm Chicago time, on July 11th, we will be off and running.

08 July 2015

72 hours to go for the SuperMac!

Hi friends and family!!

In just a bit under 72 hours, Maskwa will be making her annual journey north on Lake Michigan, past her namesake ancestors, and up to the island.

But this year it will be different. This year, we will be sailing right on past Mackinac Island, and continue down Lake Huron to Port Huron, Michigan, in an race called the Super Mac.

That's right, the Chicago Mac is not long enough for us this year, so we will nearly double the distance. The Super Mac has only been run a few times, and we are selecting this season for a fantastic congruence of events--

Chicago to Mackinac to Port Huron "Super Mac" Race. (568 statute miles)

Port Huron to Mackinac Race (235 statute miles)

Harbor Springs, Michigan, Ugotta Regatta

Trans Superior Regatta. (388 statute miles)

We have quite a bit over 1000 miles of racing starting in 3 days.

You can track us on the Chicago Mackinac race here, or click the link below.

You can also download the YB Racetracker app for your smartphone, and the Chicago-Mackinac race is free,  I am not yet sure about how they will handle the Super Mac nor the Port Huron. So far the Trans Superior does not have information on race tracking.


See you on the water!!!!


27 April 2015

Maskwa is ready... are you??

Hi all!!

Sit down with some fine java, this email has some info going on…

Maskwa is mostly ready. Don and Steve are going up today to build the mast. This week it will be stepped, splashed in, and then we'll need to get her running rigging up.

Delivery Saturday, May 2.

Let me know if you can make it this Saturday and if anyone is coming with you!

There are some friends on here who are certainly interested in sailing, but have not spent a lot of time on the boat… or any boat. That is fine, but the delivery is probably not the best way to start. It is still cold out on the lake, and it can be a bit of an uphill slog.

For all the rest of us-----

The plan is…..

It is a FAR better option to take the train than it is to drive. Metra has trains running Saturday morning. Here is the schedule for May 2nd.

Station    Times
Train:        801        803        805

Ogilvie        6:35    8:35    10:35
Clybourn    6:43    8:43    10:43
Ravenswood    6:48    8:48    10:48
Rogers Park    6:53    8:52    10:52

Waukegan    7:55    9:50    11:50

Fare from Ogilvie to Waukegan is $7.50.

If we have a decent group on a train (I suggest Train #803) then anyone who has not walked from the station to the boat will know where to go.

Don is planning on leaving the dock at 1100. We all know this could be right on time, or a bit later.

We need a good count to make sure there are enough hard life jackets. That water is cold, and an inflatable pfd might be nice, but you want the real deal in case of some unintended swimming.

More news….

Don has informed me that his schedule has changed for May, and he will not be in Indonesia for the 2nd half of May. So, we'll get a bit more time on the water!

So far----


Delivery May 2.

Wednesday May 13 (optional)
ColYC Runs their Beercan College Class. If you are interested in the hows and whys, this could be interesting.

Wednesday May 20 Beercan Tune Up

Wednesday May 27 Beercan #1 (Race series continues thru Sep 2.)

As of yet, we are not planning on doing any of the course races in May.

We have a lot of work to do to get ready for the long distance races, and we'll be rebuilding a bit. This is not a problem,  but a Sunday or Saturday race day would be far better spent with 3 or 4 hours on the water practicing than racing.


Now we start to get moving!!

Wednesday June 3 Beercan #2

We may make our debut with the Colors Long Distance Regatta.
Saturday June 6 Colors LD
Sunday June 7 Colors Regatta (pin race)

Wednesday June 10 Beercan #3

Friday-Sunday June 12-14 Chicago NOOD Regatta.

Wednesday June 17 Beercan #4

Saturday June 20 Chicago to Waukegan (overnight in Waukegan)
Sunday June 21 Waukegan to Chicago

Wednesday June 24 Beercan #5

Friday June 26 Chicago to Michigan City to Chicago round trip and overnight!


Wednesday July 1 Beercan #6

It is an early Mac Race this season, so that is all the racing we will have before the Mac!! We will be doing quite a bit more practice and preparation.

For those of you who ARE regulars, or want to be regular crew on the boat, I'll be sending a link with passwords reset for CrewSignup.

This is going to be a big season. Let's be ready!