17 March 2013

Boat work to begin the 2013 season!

Hi Gang!!

Well, here we go!!

Here we have the tentative planning schedule for boat work and launching for this Spring. The two important weekends are in bold.

Boat work days - basic washing/waxing/rebuilding mechanical parts
April 13/14

Back up boat work days (for what we can't finish the 13/14)
April 27/28

Mast prep/build
April 29/30

Into the water on…
May 2

Delivery/Sail to Chicago
May 4 
  May 5 backup.

We can use about 6-8 people/day on the boat work days. If we have 8 people, we can usually wash/wax the hull, sand and paint the bottom in a single day. If you have never sanded a boat bottom before, you will find there is a lot more surface are than you thought! If the weather is decent and Larson's has taken the mastvoff the rack so we can get to it, we can also wax the mast. Most of this physical labor takes place overhead, so I hope you have been working your shoulders in your workouts!

We are entered in the Chi-Mac race, and Don is working on the entry for the Port Huron-Mac. This is going to be a long week.

There is a safety seminar on April 20th, and they have a deal so we can fire off our expired flares so we can see how they function. If I remember correctly, they have also had chances to inflate (using the cartridges,) the inflatable/emergency life raft. That is more than enough reason to go.

Lots more stuff happening. Please get back to me if you can/will make it for boat work weekends. I'll be loading things into CrewSignUp soon, so we will have that for all the regular/semi-regular crew.

Looking forward to a great season!!