17 June 2008

Chicago NOODs...Revisited

It was a great weekend. I just would like to update the last picture Scott posted, especially for the new crew so, they could really appreciated how well Team Maskwa did on that race. Please note the number denotes the rating difference (negative numbers denotes how many seconds per mile the boat owes us.)

Now, everyone raise your right hand. Bend it back so you hand is behind you and give your self a pat on the back.

- Splash

Chicago NOODs

Hi Gang!!

Well, THAT was probably the best 3 days back to back sailing that we have had in a few years. Even with a delayed start on Sunday, we still got a decent race in, and that is what mattered.

As for results... well... we started the regatta with a 3rd place finish... then took a nap and got a 10 and 11, or an 11 and a 10... something like that. Saturday, we had our best racing, with a 5th, a 7th, and a 2nd! Sunday, we finished 8th, against some very tough competition, and that gave us 6th overall, a single point behind Regardless for 5th, which is pretty good company. We beat Regardless, Sorcerer, and Spitfire scratch all 3 races on Saturday, so that was very sweet. They KNOW we are now here to win.

We had good crew all 3 days, and a great time was had by all. We did not put up the Spinnaker on Sunday... the winds were just too great, and if we were in the running for 2nd or 3rd, it might have played a factor, however... we saw our highest boat speed on Sunday, under just jib and main, at 10.2 knots. Who needs a 'chute????

Our guest, Dave G., had a great time, and we'll welcome him back any time he wants to go sailing... great guy, lots of fun, and flew out from Denver to sail with us... he'll be back, we're sure... (how can he pass up the chance to sail with all these hot girls?)
Aaaahhh... Maskwa women......

We are having a great time rebuilding the crew... Lots of fun, but still open for just about anything. We know there have been some of you sitting on the sidelines... work... triathlon training.... yadda yadda yadda.... come on out and sail! We will need crew for more sailing.. more races, and more fun. No problem if you want to be a half season sailor, and are just getting around to the boat... come on out and have some fun....

That said, here are some shots from Saturday..... :-)

Hugs, all....


p.s.. the last shot is the view from 2nd place.... :-)

12 June 2008


Hi Gang!!

Well, that was some Beercan last night! Actually, we were crushing the competition, with no doubts at all, with our CRUISING sails, and then a little mixup on a jibe, and.... well... there went the fleet.

This is a really good example of how making the least mistakes is what we need to do to win. We have a fast boat... we have a good crew... little things suddenly take on enormous importance once we reach this level. Yes, there was a bit of miscommunication, but that happens... at our level, and in the professional level, too. The big thing, is A) noone was hurt, B) nothing broke, and C) we can learn from that.....

We are full up on crew for the NOOD. This is going to be a chance for us to really shine. We have a good section, we have beaten all these boats, and we are sailing well.....

Let's Rock, Maskwa!!

p.s... the sad part, is that such a beautiful night to sail, and NOONE had a camera!!!!!!

10 June 2008

Chicago Nudes!!!!

Hi Gang!!

Here is our section for the NOOD Regatta. A bunch of the usual suspects, and some stragglers... like... what the heck are
we doing in a section with J120s?? Bah... The ORR Mac pairs us up with Syd 38s, so .... no surprises.....

Here is the count-----

1. 52120 Valkyrie / J Boats J120 48
2. 25424 Bounder / Bashford Sydney 36 51
3. 52039 Jahazi / J120 51
4. 42341 Fitikoko / Mark Lindsey Tripp 38 54
5. 40625 Regardless / Nelson-Marek 1 Ton Fractional 60
6. 42252 Spitfire / Franklin 90 63
7. 93239 Wanda / Viper Viper 830 66
8. 304050 REDRUM / Mount Gay 30 69
9. 56613 Heart Throb / Columbia 30 Sport Yacht 69
10. 3285 Bozos Circus / J-35 69
11. 32776 Touch of Grey / Tillotson Pearson J/35 69
12. 41445 Sociable / J 35 69
13. 35234 Aftershock / J 35 69
14. 41625 Sorcerer / Schock Schock 35 72
15. 11508 MASKWA / C&C 115 72
16. 83238 Ticklish / C&C SR33 75
17. USA 24 Tallgrass / Beneteau 10R 78

Of course, we HAVE beaten every single one of these boats, so there is no real reason why we cannot win, place, or show... it is simply up to us. The weather looks fine for this weekend, we are getting the boat dialed in, and we have great people on board. We are in the slightly non-enviable position of being one of the slowest rated boats in the section... but we will simply have to turn that to our advantage, and sail faster than our rating...

Go Maskwa!

04 June 2008

Views from the R/C

Well, Splash filled everyone in on the action on Maskwa over the weekend, here is a view or two of her that we normally do NOT get to see... because we are too busy sailing!

02 June 2008

Chicago - "Michigan City" Race

This past weekend was the Chicago to "Michigan City" race. Prior to three years ago, this was a race to (Sat) and from (Sun) Michigan City, IN. Due to various dredging issues, it has become a long tour of the south end of Lake Michigan. On Saturday, we were a bit short with a crew of six, including two green sailors. However, we had plenty of wind and even after spotting our section 3 minutes after a fouled jibe and sailing conservatively we were able snag 5th out of 12. Although we missed 4th place by 10 seconds! On a 29.6 NM race, this is further proof of the importance of inches and seconds.

For Sunday, two people left but, we gained three (one known and two new sailors). Sunday started with a postponement . Which was a good call by the RC. When we first arrived at the starting area, the lake was almost a mirror and our apparent wind was on the nose at about 5 kts. with about 5 kts. of boat speed. Shortly after the postponement the first packets of wind began to arrive and soon a nice breeze filled in. The RC dropped the AP flag and began the starting sequences. For this race we were consistent, another 5th, however it was a smaller section.

On Saturday, we sailed about 29.6 NM and it felt like I ran a mile during the race, just 37 ft at a time. On Sunday, it was David's chance to put in some extra work, even though we worked him pretty hard on Saturday. During the race on Sunday, we had him move the spinnaker pole three times but, we never gave him the satisfaction of a spinnaker set. There were plenty of sail changes as well as moving sails on and off the deck. Then after we returned to harbor, we sent him up the mast to replace the wind chicken, which decided to fly away during the delivery from Waukegan.

When you add up all the highs and lows, it was a very good weekend to be on the water. On top of it, considering the weather last year, 20+ kts. of wind felt VEEEEEERY GOOOOOD!

- Splash McAllister