30 September 2007

Sunday's Cruise... and the Mighty Wind

Today's conditions were great. Sunny, warm (~ 80ºF), and windy (about 15-20 kts. out of the south). It was a perfect day for a race... if the season didn't end two weeks ago. After we hoisted the main, it was rather apparent that a reef would be a good idea. That is correct ladies and gentlemen, conditions called for a REEF and I'm not taking about a shoal created by coral polyps. I'm refering to the sailing technique in which one reduces the amount of sail area because (and I know this is hard to believe) there is too much wind.

Needless to say, we sailed with main only and held pretty steady around 7.5 kts! In fact, there were times when the boat was overpowered. I know it's amazing to think that such a thing could happen in 2007 on Lake Michigan but, I have experienced it first hand. Now, you might think I'm a nut like those who have claimed to see the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot. But, I tell you that it was real and not some sort of government consipracy to conceal a top secret military project. Air really can move in speeds up to and in excess of 20 knots. If you don't believe me talk to Don, Crystal, Ute, Andrew, the other George, or Dave. They can all confirm my story.

- El Splasheriño

P.S. Happy anniversary to Nicole and Scott. I think God sent the wind in their honor because Scott is such a blowhard *ha ha ha*. Seriously, happy 1st anniversary and many more to follow.

29 September 2007

Sunday Sailing. (30 Sept 2007)

I have received word from our illustrious skipper that the cruise is a GO! Don plans to arrive at Burnham around noon and would like to leave dock around 1pm. He anticipates that we will return by 5pm, possibly sooner depending on the weather.

NOAA is forecasting a day that is mostly sunny, high temperature around 80°F (25°C), south winds 15-20 kts., and waves 3-5 feet. Currently, the surface temperature of Lake Michigan is approximately 65-68°F (18-20°C). So, plan accordingly.

- Splash

24 September 2007

Sailing THIS weekend!! Plus, big news!

Hi Y'all!!

Well, just came from sailing on Turning Point... what a PERFECT night out!!....

Talked to Don... He is now the Grandfather of a lovely baby girl... Addison was born today (Monday,) and weighed over 9 Lbs!! Don said she was as big as a 2 month old... so they will be releasing mom and baby in a day or two, and all is well with both.

There WILL be sailing this weekend. Not 100% sure which day. Sat or Sun, and I will be in Napa, enjoying a wine tasting on the occasion of Nicole and my First Anniv. SO, Splash will be the clearinghouse for the weekends sailing info. Please get ahold of him through either here, or his cell phone (I would rather this number not be made public - S McA).... or, chips_g@ameritech.net (and let the spam begin - S McA).

Hope all is well with all...


p.s.. you can congratulate Don at skipper@maskwa.org.

23 September 2007

Crew Pics

Your Race Committee..... (should get more volunteers out of this....)

Not Related to Sailing

Hi Gang...

Well.. as we are in the off season, life continues to move along rather nicely. We are getting ready to hopefully do some fall sailing... Nicole and my wedding anniversary is coming up... Don will soon have another grandchild... (note on THAT: Last time we spoke, he said they are going to induce his daughter in the next few days. Don (and Maskwa) will have a new nephew!! (or neice... don't know yet...)

So.... I'm hanging out, reading some online news info......
all the fun stuff....

And then I stumble across this, and it was one of those moments that rang clearly, like a bell.

(The link will be at the bottom... but please read this, and then click...)

I'm not sure what other Universities do it, but it started as a "Last Lecture Series." Great and famous professors give what would be their "Last lecture," if they knew that they were fated to die (hint... we all are...)

Well, it is a little bit different for THIS professor.


http://www.etc.cmu.edu/global_news/?q=node/42 (click on "Play it now".. it's about 90 minutes.

Just food for thought... and a glimpse of the big picture...

Back to our regular scheduled sailing chat.....

21 September 2007

More Crew Pics

Nice pics so far, Scooter. Now my picture was a bit over the edge but, somehow appropriate. However, your pic was from the wedding. Come on. Let's at least have one of you on the boat....

- Splash McAllister

17 September 2007

Crew Pics


Crew Pics


Crew Pics


Crew Pics

Doug and Shanghai Chris

Crew Pics


Crew Pics

uummm... Don, again

Crew Pics

Young David

Crew Pics


Crew Pics

Our Skipper

Crew Pics

Out of control George Splash

Crew Pics

Nicole and Scott at the wedding

Crew Pics

Well, since we have more than just our little crew visiting this site, I am going to post pics of the various characters sailing on Maskwa. We'll have the regulars, and even guests will appear on here from time. If you have any pictures you would like posted, please let me know. I will try to post without comment... most pictures speak for themselves.

16 September 2007

Chicago Yachting Association Ball

This Year's CYA Ball will be Saturday, November 10th, in the Grand Ballroom at Navy Pier. Tickets are $90 per person prior to October 10th, and $100 afterwards. This is a good time for all... get dressed up in formals, and dance, drink, and dine till midnight-ish.

Here is a shot from last year's ball---

Please let Don know if you are interested in going. We will try to get a table. It is simply a fun time, and we can play dress-up.

It started cold and windy

Well, at least it started cold....

The Sheldon Clark Regatta was a fitting exercise in frustration for the last race of the season. We had lovely wind as we headed out. Leaves on trees were flapping, the flags on the masts were snapping, and it was all of 46 degrees F. As we motored out, we could enjoy the wave action on the boat. Nice big rollers, more smallish ocean swells, than lake waves. Fun to sail up and down, not just left and right.

Well, we got the sails raised, and that pretty much, like for the rest of the season, shut the wind off. We had a great start, even as the wind was working it's way down to single digits. We have raced in slow wind all year, and are getting better and better. We sail quite well down to 6 kts or so, when earlier this year, anything below 10 was the death of us racing. But, sure enough, the wind ran out.

Now, this is NOT terrible. The R/C could shorten the course (easily enough,) or let us bob around trying to finish 4 legs, when it took us 2 hours to finish the 1st leg. And what a leg! Started upwind, started clocking around (Don and Bill read it perfect, and positioned us well on the racecourse,) then it died the first time. A little becalmed, time for a sail change. Wind moving, but from the other side; sail change again, no wait! Different sail change, let's put up the 'chute! Bobbed around with that for a bit, then dropped it, loaded up the code 1, and made it around the mark!

Excellent work so far. Rounded in second place, might be able to correct to first, and away we go! Bang! Abandon Race!

Yup, the R/C decided to abandon the race, with some boats up starting leg 4, some on the 3rd leg, some of us finally around on the 2nd leg. What a pain. Fitting end to the season, though.

We had a great time with "Turning Point on Maskwa Day." Nicole, Darcy, and Bill joined us for the last (damn cold) race of the season. Nicole and Darcy did wonders making us go fast with excellent tacks, and Bill stood behind Don with a batten and the handheld compass finding us a course to go even faster. Too bad it was all ruined by the R/C, but that is just how it goes.

More sailing to come... no more races, but we will be doing some fun sailing, and Maskwa will be sailed (hopefully) up to Larson's Saturday, Oct 20th.

Sheldon Clark Driftfest

Well, that sucked.

For those who were not there, the last race of the season was quite fitting.

We left the harbor, and the wind was snapping the flags on the masts, and creating nice waves. The forecast was not terrible, but gave a bad forboding; the wind would die sometime during the races today. Well, that was not the half of if.

As we were working our way to the 'box,' the wind was already dying in fits and starts. I remember looking back at Traci and Ute on the rail, and saying "This is gonna suck." Little did I know how correct that would be.

A race delayed... Upwind, Downwind, reaching,becalmed, and sailing for 2 hours; ALL on the first leg!
Race abandoned!

More to come....

12 September 2007

Sheldon Clark Regatta-- Saturday, September 15th

Well, we are down to the last (official) race of the season. We have had a good turnout so far
this year, but we have also lost some serious key players for Maskwa. Jean, who left for a position in
Denver; Doug, who left the country and moved to California, and Chris Ritchie, who REALLY left the
country and moved to Shanghai. Now THAT is getting away from it all

So far for the race, we have signed up:

in addition to Don and I, We will have Bill from Turning Point, too. (That's GOOD news.) So that gives us 9... we
can certainly use another head if anyone is interested.

Heading out to the lake now for the "un-beercan." Hey... it's sailing..... :)



10 September 2007

Maskwa Blog

Hi Gang!!

This will be an attempt to keep y'all up to date on what is going on with our (Don's) boat, as well as a link to a Google-Calender so that you can write your names in on the schedle, see what we have planned, events, sailings, and results.

Please let me know if you have any ideas on what we can do to make this simpler, or prettier.

Best to all!