23 September 2007

Not Related to Sailing

Hi Gang...

Well.. as we are in the off season, life continues to move along rather nicely. We are getting ready to hopefully do some fall sailing... Nicole and my wedding anniversary is coming up... Don will soon have another grandchild... (note on THAT: Last time we spoke, he said they are going to induce his daughter in the next few days. Don (and Maskwa) will have a new nephew!! (or neice... don't know yet...)

So.... I'm hanging out, reading some online news info......
all the fun stuff....

And then I stumble across this, and it was one of those moments that rang clearly, like a bell.

(The link will be at the bottom... but please read this, and then click...)

I'm not sure what other Universities do it, but it started as a "Last Lecture Series." Great and famous professors give what would be their "Last lecture," if they knew that they were fated to die (hint... we all are...)

Well, it is a little bit different for THIS professor.


http://www.etc.cmu.edu/global_news/?q=node/42 (click on "Play it now".. it's about 90 minutes.

Just food for thought... and a glimpse of the big picture...

Back to our regular scheduled sailing chat.....

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