30 September 2007

Sunday's Cruise... and the Mighty Wind

Today's conditions were great. Sunny, warm (~ 80ºF), and windy (about 15-20 kts. out of the south). It was a perfect day for a race... if the season didn't end two weeks ago. After we hoisted the main, it was rather apparent that a reef would be a good idea. That is correct ladies and gentlemen, conditions called for a REEF and I'm not taking about a shoal created by coral polyps. I'm refering to the sailing technique in which one reduces the amount of sail area because (and I know this is hard to believe) there is too much wind.

Needless to say, we sailed with main only and held pretty steady around 7.5 kts! In fact, there were times when the boat was overpowered. I know it's amazing to think that such a thing could happen in 2007 on Lake Michigan but, I have experienced it first hand. Now, you might think I'm a nut like those who have claimed to see the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot. But, I tell you that it was real and not some sort of government consipracy to conceal a top secret military project. Air really can move in speeds up to and in excess of 20 knots. If you don't believe me talk to Don, Crystal, Ute, Andrew, the other George, or Dave. They can all confirm my story.

- El Splasheriño

P.S. Happy anniversary to Nicole and Scott. I think God sent the wind in their honor because Scott is such a blowhard *ha ha ha*. Seriously, happy 1st anniversary and many more to follow.