16 September 2007

Sheldon Clark Driftfest

Well, that sucked.

For those who were not there, the last race of the season was quite fitting.

We left the harbor, and the wind was snapping the flags on the masts, and creating nice waves. The forecast was not terrible, but gave a bad forboding; the wind would die sometime during the races today. Well, that was not the half of if.

As we were working our way to the 'box,' the wind was already dying in fits and starts. I remember looking back at Traci and Ute on the rail, and saying "This is gonna suck." Little did I know how correct that would be.

A race delayed... Upwind, Downwind, reaching,becalmed, and sailing for 2 hours; ALL on the first leg!
Race abandoned!

More to come....

1 comment:

George Chlipala said...

I believe Bill said it best...

"We had enough sail changes for a race"

- S McA