19 June 2010

NOOD Recap Preview (huh?)

Hi Everyone!!

Well, sorry for the long delays in posting anything about the NOODs, but it has been a little busy all around the town.

Here is a quick overview;

Rockstar crew on day #1 pulled off a 3rd, 2nd, and 1st, respectively, in 3 races on day #1. Day #2 was only the start of winds not in our favor, and we dropped for a tie for 3rd. End of day #3 saw us in 5th place. On a race that the R/C should have abandoned.

Hopefully, pics and more info will be posted shortly.

Cheers from Germany!


11 June 2010

Recap for the COLORS Recap

Well, well, well....

Upon further review, we were not in 3rd, but we got 2nd place. The DNF at the end of race #4 should have been scored "Finishers +1," which would have been a 6, not an 8. That puts us clearly into second place!

I wonder what we will get for that? Personally, I think the COLORS R/C should just throw us some shirts, since that was part of the victory prize, anyways. We know nobody is going to give up their brag flags, even though in the "Corinthian Spirit," that would be the honorable thing to do. I like Nicole's idea of taking one of the COLORS T-Shirts and airbrushing a "2" on it and flying THAT from our stringer!

09 June 2010

COLORS Regatta Recap

Hi Everyone!!

So, this will be a fairly longish and wonky type of R/C email, but hopefully it will help y'all understand what happened this weekend.

Both Saturday and Sunday, we raced very well. At the awards party on Sunday, they still did not have the final results to look at, inspect, etc, etc, so when they were published, imagine my surprise when we were scored DNC for race #1. DNC basically means "Did Not Come to start the race."We were certainly there, but then they did not score our finish, either, as far as I could tell.

Thankfully, the #1 R/C team is on the job.

The following lists are The 'original' finish lists that they used to give away the swag at the end of the race, and what I have recalculated based on the finish time we took for race #1. These are taken right off of the COLORS website; I just added in the proper times at the bottom, and the revised results after that.

Race 1,Date: 5 June 2010,Starting Time: 13:45:00,Distance: 6.00Status: Preliminary
concordia 47-15:47001Big Country214:45:21Finished01:00:2101:01:51
Farr 47-24:2001Mirage314:45:13Finished01:00:1301:02:37
N/M 50-42:52555Goblin414:43:30Finished00:58:3001:02:42
Santa Cruz-27:28252Sin Duda614:46:01Finished01:01:0101:03:43
C & C 11572:11508Maskwa8DNC

Race 2,Date: 5 June 2010,Starting Time: 16:00:00,Distance: 8.00Status: Preliminary
Farr 47-24:2001Mirage217:05:44Finished01:05:4401:08:56
C & C 11572:11508Maskwa317:19:19Finished01:19:1901:09:43
N/M 50-42:52555Goblin417:05:26Finished01:05:2601:11:02
concordia 47-15:47001Big Country617:09:35Finished01:09:3501:11:35
Santa Cruz-27:28252Sin Duda717:08:24Finished01:08:2401:12:00
7 Entries,7 Came to Starting Area,

Race 3,Date: 6 June 2010,Starting Time: 10:55:00,Distance: 8Status: Partial Results
C & C 11572:11508Maskwa312:19:29Finished01:24:2901:14:53
Farr 47-24:2001Mirage412:07:22Finished01:12:2201:15:34
N/M 50-42:52555Goblin512:06:42Finished01:11:4201:17:18
Santa Cruz-27:28252Sin Duda612:10:06Finished01:15:0601:18:42
concordia 47-15:47001Big Country8DNF
7 Entries,7 Came to Starting Area,

Race 4,Date: 6 June 2010,Starting Time: 13:50:00,Distance: 8.0Status: Preliminary
N/M 50-42:52555Goblin316:02:46Finished02:12:4602:18:22
Farr 47-24:2001Mirage416:06:03Finished02:16:0302:19:15
concordia 47-15:47001Big Country516:39:35Finished02:49:3502:51:35
Santa Cruz-27:28252Sin Duda8DNF
C & C 11572:11508Maskwa8DNF
7 Entries,7 Came to Starting Area,

5 June 2010 Colors Regatta Series Results
BoatNum of Throw OutsRace Results
05 June 2010
Farr 472001Mirage213.03244
N/M 5052555Goblin416.04453
concordia 4747001Big Country521.0268 DNF5
C & C 11511508Maskwa622.08 DNC338 DNF
Santa Cruz28252Sin Duda727.06768 DNF
40 Entries

Here are the revised results;

Race 1,Date: 5 June 2010,Starting Time: 13:45:00,Distance: 6.00Status: Preliminary



47001Big Country314:45:21Finished01:00:2101:01:51




28252Sin Duda714:46:01Finished

yes, we finished 10 seconds ahead of the 70 footer (Nitemare!) on handicap. WE ROCK.

So, re-juggling the scores results in a Regatta overall finish like this:

5 June 2010 Colors Regatta Series Results
BoatNum of Throw OutsRace Results
05 June 2010



11508Maskwa315.01338 DNF



47001Big Country622.03685

28252Sin Duda727.06768 DNF
40 Entries

-- Maskwa wins the tie breaker for 3rd because of the 1st in race #1!

So we should have been on the podium.

Even if they rescore the race (and I think they are going to, according to Don,) I highly doubt Defiance will be persuaded to give up their 3rd Place flag. Still, it could happen. Here is the important thing--

We raced against some of the fastest, and most well sailed boats in Lake Michigan. We went toe to toe, and nose to nose with them, and we did very well! The race was not a pure windward-leeward, because the course was not completely square; that favors waterline, so if the course was properly square to the wind, we would have done even better, the way we raced. We went up against some of the best, and while it was not a total smackdown, we made a very good showing for ourselves.

We are certainly ready for the NOODs.

Everybody rest up, it's gonna be a great summer!!