06 June 2010

COLORS Regatta Part 1

What a great day of racing!

As of this posting, the results from day #1 are not up yet, but we had a great time.

Most of the sections are racing One Design, so the PHRF section was very small. It was therefore time to return to Turbo Maskwa! Our section consisted of

Defiance at 153 seconds/mile
Nitemare (GL70) owes us 132 seconds/mile
Goblin at 114 seconds/mile
Big Country with 87 seconds/mile
Sin Duda with (approx) 81 seconds/mile

So we went out knowing we are by far the slowest boat on the course, but we did damn well!

The races were delayed by some heavy weather that came cruising through, so we were given Race Postponed, Signal Ashore. Had a nice relaxing sit, a bite to eat, and then we were back off the docks, and out on the water.

We had a good start in Race #1, but had quite a bit of bad air at the start, and lost a bit of speed for the first 10 minutes. Once we got going, we made good time, and might have even made up a little lake on our section. Since there was simply no real way for us to keep up with our section, all we had to do was race clean.

It is an interesting place to be: slowest boat in the last section to start going to the longest race course. Sigh....

So we were the last boat to finish by a good 15 minutes. However, that may have been enough for us to correct over a boat or two in our section. :)

Race #2 started off with a bang, as 2 boats in our section were called over early, so that gave us a leg up on the competition. We had a great second race. Raced with the #2 and a full main, we had plenty of power. Everyone performed well, and we raced the 8 mile course in 80 minutes. Downwind, we were hauling along at 8.5 knots, for most of the ride, we knocked out a good heavy air jibe, and blasted through the finish.

Everyone on board did a great job. Good sailing all around, especially for this early in the season. No major problems at all, and the minor ones we may have had were covered and taken care of in no time flat.

Hopefully, they will have the results posted soon, and we can find out how Turbo Maskwa did!

What a great day of sailing!!

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