30 May 2010

Sunday Practice part deux

Hi All!

Well, what a great practice!

We had quite a crowd for a practice, so we were able to delegate tasks and work on getting our team moving forward lickety split!

What a great day, what a great time (it was great, can you tell yet?) Winds out of the south-southeast at about 10-12, some lighter pockets, good sunshine, and fair temps.

We had our crew ready to go; Carly, Young David, and Princess on the Fore Deck; Megan, Ryan, Sandy, and Ute in the pit, Lynn and Abby trimming the 'chute, Sophie on the main, Don driving, and Jim, Whale and I floating and working out the kinks. Can it get any better? Now all we need is about another 15 feet of boat or so!

Everyone did a fantastic job on the water today. We added a few new tools to our arsenal for use during races, and brushed up on our technique to get even more smooth flow out of our tacks, hoists, douses, and roundings. Considering we were on the water for almost 5 hours, even at the end of the session, everyone still managed to get it all down, right to the last douse!

Looking forward to this season more and more... Hope you are all as excited as I am!



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