13 May 2010

Although the Weather may look nice....

Hi Gang!!

Although the weather may look nice right now, the lake is still quite cold, so be ready for practice on Sunday; dress appropriately. We will all need to be there at 1100, and be ready to be off the dock at noon. We're going to try to get everyone on time from now on.

We've got a good crew for practice, and we can get a lot accomplished in very little time, as long as we are ready to go! We'll be rigging the boat for the first time the season, so everything will take a little longer.

I've added links on the right, the 3rd section, right below "upcoming events," called "Learning Center." There are a bunch of good lessons from Sailing World's "From the Experts" that we can incorporate, and for some of you who have not had a chance to spend time on the water, this is a good way to get familiar with some of what we will be doing.

Hope all is well, and see you on the water!!



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