16 May 2010

First Practice!

Hi Gang!!

Well, we had a great sail today. The wind was a little bit strong for the start of the practice sessions, so given our skill levels at this point, it was more important to simply get the sails up and down properly.

We had a great pre-sail chat, and then hit the water (and the water hit us!) Hoisted the main, got the #2 up, reefed the main, and then started practicing in earnest. Lots of tacks; Andrew and Ute working the pit like mad; Nicole doing a great job with the main. Lots of good working out in the off season gives good results when the season comes around again!

No flying of the 'chute. We got out on the water, and the 16-20 kt breeze was a little bit much for this early in the season. We did have a short packing lesson before the race, and everyone was able to take their time and start checking out the boat again.

Beercan practice is this Wednesday; We'll probably be gone for a short time. Hopefully, the weather will continue to cooperate (that is the forecast,) and we'll be able to get a spinnaker up and down and around a few times.

Had a great time!!



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