07 May 2010

Ready for the Season?

Hi Gang!!

Well, our intrepid (decrepit?) crew sallied forth, and lo!, a Maskwa was delivered unto Burnham Harbor!

The delivery went well; a number of our group got to drive, sails were set, and fun was had. A few of us repaired later on for cocktails at Andrew's new venue, The Shady Lady [That would be a great boat name,] and had cocktails and explored some of our option for the season.

Personally, I am looking forward to this season more than I have in quite a few years. We have a really go-to core crew, and the newer crew members are ready to step up to the plate and dish it out! [enough metaphors yet?]

Once again, for those of you who have not gone there, please check out www.crewsignup.com, and click on Maskwa. I am keeping that site up to date with info we need for racing, etc, including boat call times, who is bringing lunch, etc. I will also attempt to keep this blog up to date as we get further into the season. I would like to add information on the sidebar with show times, and other general information. Maybe race results? Please give me some feedback and let me know how you think I can make this a better location for information.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!



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