12 March 2010

Well, that took a long time!

Hi Everybody!!

Well, that only took 10 months!

O.K, I promise to make the blog more timely! I've been a bit busy, though.

Things are looking up for the 2010 season. We have a good crew of regulars coming back, and a good crop of alternates and part-timers coming back for some real fun, too.

In the works, for the near future, Soem of what I would like to see us do is....

Have a 'training party.' No, this is not where we get together and pour booze down each other's throats to build our liquor tolerences up for the sailing season, but where we get together, and discuss just HOW we make the boat go fast again. By the end of the season, we were really cooking in all different weather conditions. The competition definitely knows we are here. Now, we just gotta stick it to 'em.

So, in our pre-season party, we need to get everyone together to talk sailing... shouldn't be hard, right?


More to come... just a quick note!



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