11 June 2010

Recap for the COLORS Recap

Well, well, well....

Upon further review, we were not in 3rd, but we got 2nd place. The DNF at the end of race #4 should have been scored "Finishers +1," which would have been a 6, not an 8. That puts us clearly into second place!

I wonder what we will get for that? Personally, I think the COLORS R/C should just throw us some shirts, since that was part of the victory prize, anyways. We know nobody is going to give up their brag flags, even though in the "Corinthian Spirit," that would be the honorable thing to do. I like Nicole's idea of taking one of the COLORS T-Shirts and airbrushing a "2" on it and flying THAT from our stringer!

1 comment:

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