12 June 2008


Hi Gang!!

Well, that was some Beercan last night! Actually, we were crushing the competition, with no doubts at all, with our CRUISING sails, and then a little mixup on a jibe, and.... well... there went the fleet.

This is a really good example of how making the least mistakes is what we need to do to win. We have a fast boat... we have a good crew... little things suddenly take on enormous importance once we reach this level. Yes, there was a bit of miscommunication, but that happens... at our level, and in the professional level, too. The big thing, is A) noone was hurt, B) nothing broke, and C) we can learn from that.....

We are full up on crew for the NOOD. This is going to be a chance for us to really shine. We have a good section, we have beaten all these boats, and we are sailing well.....

Let's Rock, Maskwa!!

p.s... the sad part, is that such a beautiful night to sail, and NOONE had a camera!!!!!!

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