10 July 2015

2015 SuperMac, Port Huron-Mac, Ugotta Regatta, and Trans Superior!

   Maskwa lies quiet; her bottom is clean, her sails have been given the once-over for tears and rips that have gone unnoticed. Her lines are run fair, and checked for wear marks. The Crew's gear has been checked in, all safety equipment logged, and bags are packed. Perishables will be loaded in the morning, with gallons of water, blocks of dry ice, and maybe a treat or two.

568 statute miles.  

The longest freshwater race in the world, by nearly 200 miles.

We will race the 333 statute miles of the Chicago to Mackinac Race. We'll be scored in that race, but we will continue on, keeping Round Island Lighthouse to starboard, and then tack on another 238 miles down Lake Huron to Port Huron, Michigan. The nearest regatta in length is the Trans Superior, clocking in at 388 statute miles. 

This is the only location in the world that you can race so many uninterrupted freshwater miles, and we're going to go long.

Only a few days later, we'll be turning the boat North and racing the Port Huron to Mackinac Race. 235 miles. 

The following weekend, we have the Ugotta Regatta, a Saturday/Sunday regatta that has yet to show us any love, but the venue and the race make it worthwhile.

August 1st, we will be further north than we have ever sailed, racing across Lake Superior in the Trans Superior Regatta; Sioux Saint Marie, Michigan to Duluth, Minnesota! 388 more miles. So much lake to cover!

1 month.

4 races.

Just a hair over 1200 miles Rhumb line. 

The crew is ready, the boat is ready. 

At 1210pm Chicago time, on July 11th, we will be off and running.


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