08 July 2008

Our section for the Mac

Hi gang!

Hope all is well. I crunched some numbers for our section for The Mac. You can see the sail #, name, etc, in this JPG, but also... I added at the end what their PHRF rating is. Some of these may be a little wrong, or out of date, but it is good enough for this purpose. Sorry for the bad resolution in the picture. The boats are ordered from slowest to fastest in section, based upon the "All Purpose" handicap. THIS is the one we want, because otherwise, we are 4th fastest. The column under PHRF gives the boats their 'normal' PHRF handicap, and the last column is the time difference, a minus sign if they normally owe us time, with how much time, and a plus sign if we normally owe THEM time. You can easily see that most of the boats in our section are usually rated faster than us. So we have our work cut out for us, but with some good sailing, we will still do well. At a 1.0 rating, each thousandth is about 3 seconds per mile. so we are about 2.8 secs/mile in our section, and for all practical purposes, the boats from 0.912 (Bravo) to 0.918 (through Scheherezade) would rate about the same in PHRF. That is a time band of 30 seconds in PHRF, but all the same in ORR. Wild an crazy..... click on the picture to enlarge.


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