13 August 2008

The Chicago Verve Cup

Hi Gang!!

Well, the Verve Cup weekend is approaching fast, and things are looking good. Here is our section for the race:
1. USA 35234 Aftershock J 35 69
2. USA 32851 Bozo's Circus J 35 69
3. USA 56613 Heart Throb Columbia 30 69
4. USA 42121 Houqua J 35 69
5. USA 40395 Irish Rover J 35 69
6. USA 11508 Maskwa C&C 115 72
7. USA 25634 Nighthawk C&C 115 72
8. USA 41625 Sorcerer Schock 35 72
9. USA 46409 Syrena B-32 69
10. USA 32776 Touch of Grey J 35 69

As you can see, there are no boars more than 3 seconds faster than us, and NONE slower than us. Except for Syrena, whom I do not recognize, we have beaten ALL these boats, scratch. This will be a good tight band of boats for us, nearly a one design section. We should especially fare well if the wind is in our home range of about 14 kts or so. The J35s will be trying to carry their big #1s, and will be way heeled over, and we'll have our full sail plan up, and we'll only be going faster.

Hope you all got the email with regards to the Tri-State, the Leukemia Cup, and everything else we have cooking. The end of the summer is near, and we have lots of sailing yet to go!!



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