04 October 2008

Coming up!

Hey Gang!!

Well, talked to Don, and Maskwa was returned to her winter home safely, which is nice, when you consider that there were really hellacious winds and waves the day before. Don and his brother had a fun run up the lake, averaging 6+ kts under main alone.

We DO have some upcoming events; they are listed at the right. First off, we have Whale's Oktoberfest, complete with Oom-Pa-Pa band, all the beer you can drink, and Dirndles for everyone!! Well, o.k... maybe that is a BIT of an exaggeration, but you know it'll be a good time.

In addition to THAT, there is the Yachting Prom, or the Commodore's Ball, as it is called. Please contact Don regarding tickets for that. He will be sailing down in the BVI's for the next 2 weeks, but you can reach him after that....

Cheers everyone!!


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