16 August 2010

And The Summer of Friday the 13th continues!

Well, R/C was sure interesting this week.

For starters, after we had left for the race course, we got a call from the mark set boat, that they could only make way with about 1 knot of boat speed, thereby ensuring that we would not be able to start the races on time.

Dennis got the mark boat back to the club, offloaded everything onto his boat, and then motored out to meet us north of the Crib. We were already flying the "AP" flag, for postponement, and the fleet had been milling around us wondering why we had not set any marks. Defiance, the J/V66, had motored over to offer us a couple of orange fenders and some anchors so we could at least start the race, but as it turned out, Planxty was able to meet us at our spot north of the Crib, and we were able to drop a proper start mark and get a race off.

Then, at the finish for a couple of boats, As You Wish, a 36.7, could not get around our anchor line, and wrapped their spinnaker around our forestay, and then hit us. What the hell. Just a little road rash on the bow.

We managed to get a second race off, in increasing, but clocking winds, and the fleet seemed to be happy. Nobody protested the R/C, which is always nice, especially after the messed up start of the regatta.

On to The Verve!!

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