04 June 2011

Hi Gang!

Well, some email problems seem to be gumming up the works here... while I get to the bottom of that, here is the latest.

Due to some commitments, we're not sailing tomorrow (Saturday.) Sorry if some of you were still planning on it for practice, but sometimes, things just get that way.

Sunday, we are racing.

This will be our first major regatta this year. We traditionally do well in the long distance races (well, that should hex us nicely.) It looks like we'll have a good crew, and we'll be starting some newish people off, so that will be exciting!

Boat Call is set of 0800. We have a little bit of work to do to get ready for the race, and our warning is at 0930, and we start 0935, so it is vital that we are off the rock by 0830.

I will be down quite a bit earlier to make sure that we are all set up and rigged, and the boat is organized. Normally it takes a few races to get into the swing of things, so those of you who are coming, let's get cracking.

I'll be handling the lunches for the race on this one. I'll be shopping for it on Saturday, so please let me know, those of you who have allergies, etc. (Ute, you are covered..;) )

So far for crew I have:

Don (uumm... of course.)
Anna (maybe)
Joanna (most likely)

We only have a few parking passes, so we need to consolidate the cars, or those of you who can, take public transportation. Remember, this will be an almost 30 mile race; even at a speed of 6 kts, it will take a little while for us to finish. Right now (Friday,) the NOAA forecast for the start of the race is light winds (so it should be blustry 20+kts out of the north, south, east and west, with rain and snow.)

Bring your foulies... doing a 6+ hour race in the rain is not a refreshing experience.

Email me or call if you have any questions!



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