17 September 2011

The End of the 2011 Season!

Hi All!

Well, we have reached that point in the year!!

Tomorrow, Sunday, September 18th, and Sunday the 25th, Maskwa will be having a fun sail to enjoy the beautiful weather. Boat call
is planned at 3:00pm, Just go out for a few hours and have a good time.

More sailing:

We'll be going out Wednesdays (21st, 28th, and 5th) for an early evening sail if anyone is interested. Boat call is 5:30, of course!


Saturday, October 8th.

If you have never helped delivery the boat before, this is a fun trip (usually,) north up the lake to winter storage
in Waukegan, IL. We have made this trip in 4 hours, and sometimes it has taken nearly forever. Either way, it is
a bit of a full day commitment, since we'll be taking the train home from Waukegan back to Chicago.

Please let me know who is in for what... :)

Cheers all!


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