05 October 2011

Last Beercan and Delivery

Hi Everyone!!

Well, we are down to less than a week, and our Maskwa will be away at storage. Here is what we have coming up for sure.

This Wednesday (tomorrow, the 5th,) Will be our last official evening sail. Boat call is at 1700, and we'll be off the dock for maybe an hour or so. We might even get a little night sailing in.

This Saturday (Oct 8th,) is our delivery to Waukegan. I do not have a boat call/departure time as of yet, but we can plan on meeting about 0900 or so, and heading north. The weather forecast is for clear sunny skies and a high of 77F (or about 23 Liters, for you metric people.) If the forecast holds (and we all know the weatherman is always right!) it should be a simply lovely day to sail.

We'll return to the city on Metra. There are return trains at 2, 4, 5, and 7, all at :10 after the hour, and a late train at 10:40pm. Fare is $6.

There is a link to Crewsignup for the delivery, so you can sign up there, too. Please let me know so that we have enough life jackets, etc...

Hope everyone has big plans for the off season!


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