20 March 2012

Season Prep Info!

Hello again all!!

Getting ready for the 2012 season will be a *snap!*

Here is our rough timeline--

Boatwork Weekends:
April 21/22
April 28/28

Delivery to 31st Street Harbor (!!):
May 5 (rain/inclement weather May 6)

Backup weekend:
May 12/13

This will be totally different. We will not start out at our home at BPYC, because of the NATO Conference. The "Plan" according to the city (from what I have gleaned, and from dim memories of a condo with The Bear,) is to open the harbor the weekend of May 26th.

We have a regatta to run as R/C Sunday the 20th, (The Abe Jacobs,) But so far things are up in the air as to weather or not they are going to reschedule the regatta to run on another day, run it from 31st street, etc.

In addition to THAT, The Spring Opener and Olympic Cup are the following weekend, and these are great tune-up races if we can get out there to start polishing up our skills. However, we may be operating out of 31st Street.

And no news (as of yet,) on parking, CTA, etc. (I am sure it is online somewhere, just don't have it in front of me.)

The Area III Schedule is not finalized yet! Most of the races will be on the weekends that they indicate on Crewsignup or the Area III website (especially the major ones, the NOOD, the Verve, the Mac, Michigan City, Queen's Cup, etc…) but a few of them have possible date changes coming soon (actually the Area III scheduling meeting to take care of that is supposed to be tomorrow, Wednesday March 21st.) More news if there are any major changes.

So practice a bit for the season (Dr Judi recommends standing in full foulies in a cold running shower, legs over the side, with two friends alternately splashing you with a bucket of even colder water, whilst the other one bellows "Helm's A'lee!," "Jibe Ho!," "Shiver me Mizzen and Ready me Timbers!," "Make ready the Capstan!," "Pass the skipper some Rum!") (you get the picture.)

Check the blog; I'll be posting info on there once they get the schedule ready, and of course, all emails will be doubled-up there.

In the meantime, here is a little sailing eye candy:


And if you want to see the pros lay one on her side---




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