14 June 2012

Upcoming Sailing

Hi Everyone!!

Well, had a great beer can race tonight, nothing like a 1st Place finish to make the crew happy (and a little bottle of rum… no joke… tiny.)

Upcoming sailing:

This weekend is Father's Day weekend, and we are not doing the Hobleman regatta as we were originally listed for. No problems, a free weekend. 

Chicago - Waukegan - Chicago:

This race has a bit of an early start off Saturday morning. We get into Waukegan Saturday afternoon, spend the night, and then return Sunday to BPYC. This is a great "beginner's" long distance, or "port-to-port" race. If you can only race Saturday, there are trains leaving Saturday evening from Waukegan returning to Chicago. In fact, here are the Saturday night train runs: 

If you can only race Sunday, your options are a little more limited. As of yet, I don't know of anyone driving up. In fact, so far, for the race, I have listed (for both days):

Mary Ellen

If you are interested in doing the race, it is a fun time, not terribly long, and you can certainly knock out Saturday and make it back.

If you can only do Sunday, there is no train that leaves early enough from Chicago to get you up to Waukegan Sunday morning for race start. So you will either have to drive up early Sunday morning, or take the train up Saturday evening and sleep on the boat.

The Queen's Cup:

This is a great race from Milwaukee to South Haven, Michigan (this year… destinations vary by year.) This is a night start in Milwaukee, or an evening start, at any rate, on Friday, June 29th. 

Don will need help delivering Maskwa to Milwaukee Thursday. Plan on leaving BPYC roughly 2PM, which would mean an arrival in good weather in Milwaukee at 3 AM (at the earliest.) It is a time commitment.

We will be leaving Friday to cross the lake. The race is a good time, it is a great way to get checked out sailing at night. Because it is a long, port-to-port race, things happen a little slower, and we are all tuned up for safety. If you wish to come, you will need good foul weather gear (it gets cold out there,) but if you do not have your own, you can usually borrow some from a crew member who is not doing the race. If you are interested, please let me know.

We are starting to get people interested in the Mackinac delivery, the reposition/cruise sail to Beaver Island, and the Harbor Springs Regatta. If you are maybe on the fence, or any of that seems to feel like it fits the cut of your jib, let me know, so we can start putting together who is going where and with whom.

Cheers all!


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