24 July 2012

2012 Mackinac Race update

After the Race; A very familiar sight to all Mackinac Racers
The final results are in, but the R/C here does not publish them online until the awards party is over, apparently.

We had a fantastic race. We got a little slow near Little Sable, and that is what killed us. The boats who took the outside route, or went north of rhumb, or split from the pack and convention wisdom and went outside the Manitous, did the best.

We finished 11th or 12th in our section, but with our handicap, we were 16th overall, I think.

I'll be posting pictures and a full recap in a day or two. We had a fantastic time; in 10 Mac races, I've never had a race where I wore nothing but shorts the entire race (with a light sweatshirt from 0200-0600 or so.) We had amazing winds for the run up from Gray's Reef to the Island (I think it is about 30 miles, we did it in under 3 hours. Amazing.) Clear skies and shooting stars at night, sunshine and great times on deck during the day... What a race!


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