29 May 2013

Practice... we got practice....

Hi Gang!

Had great practices over the weekend on Sunday and Monday.

Sunday we were a little short crew, but Mary Ellen was game, so we did some sail changes, got the Jib Top up and stretched out a bit, and worked on maybe a better way to control that sail. Don and eSteve measured out what we will need for the new inhaulers, and we had some fun with wind speed changes from 0 to 20 knots. (really... all in the space of a few seconds, too. We blame Ute...)

Monday had a different, but also short-handed crew, so they practiced reefing the main, shaking the reef out... reefing the main again... shaking it out. Kate and Kristin got a little exercise with that one.

Remember, the time you want to practice reefing is not when it is suddenly blowing 30 and you need to reef, but maybe a bit beforehand...

Beercan tonight, and getting tuned up for the NOOD Regatta. Lynn and the mighty Dave Gillespie will be joining us again, so we can plan on a good time all around.

See you on the water!!