22 May 2014

Beercan Tune-Up!

Had a great sail last night; not quite our best conditions, and a fair number of people not the boat, but we managed to sail well and fast, passed a few boats outright, and made it back in time to have a few drinks.

This weekend.

We will not be racing in either of the regattas this weekend. We will be having a few practice sessions.

Saturday (24 May)
Boat call is noon, plan on being back around 4:30-5:00 pm.

Sunday (25 May)
Boat call is 1:00pm, plan on being back about 5:30-6:00pm.

We will probably be back a little earlier than that, but that is for planning purposes (putting the boat away, etc.. etc…)

You can come for both, or make one or the other. We'll be trying to get some good practice in, some sail work, all the usual stuff to get our season started off right.

After this weekend, I'll be readjusting CrewSignUp for people who would like to be regular crew, or just want another way to get a grip on the schedule.

Wednesday (28 May)

This will start the full Beercan series. This is a great way to get out, have some fun sailing, get your feet wet (or more!)

Please email with regard to what days this weekend you can make it down, either/or/both, etc. It was a beautiful day yesterday, and while they can't all be that nice, we'll have fun any way you slice it.

See you on the water!



(photo by Kate)