28 June 2014

July sailing...

Hi Gang!!

Here is what we have going on for July:

Very little.

Well, until the 19th.

Wednesday July 2

There is no 'official'  beercan race Wednesday the 2nd. However, we will still be sailing. This will be a great chance to get out and get our new people some more time on the water, and also to do some evolutions that we don't get to do that often; like a peel, some sail changes, and some advanced sail handling.

Crew Fun Sail

We are still working the details out for the annual Crew Sail on July 4th. Don will have his family out either the 3rd or 4th, and we will be out whatever the other available day is. :)

Mac Prep

We'll be getting ready for the big race during the next few weeks, also.

If you are interested in doing some of the delivery from Mackinac Island to Harbor Springs, or the Regatta there; Jean will be driving up to Mackinac to arrive there on Monday or Tuesday. There is plenty of room available in Steve's Jeep. Also, if you would like to drive so that we can position another car up north, and join in the parties and sailing, come on up!

Post Mac, more racing, and general fun

The Wednesday after the Mac, July 23rd, Steve has a car that will be heading home.

Maskwa will then journey to Harbor Springs, Michigan, for the annual bloodbath that is Ugotta Regatta:

Harbor Springs-- UGotta Regatta

If you are interested in some great sailing, please drive on up to Harbor Springs, Michigan on Friday July 25th, through Sunday the 27th, please come on up and race the Ugotta Regatta. This is a 2 day regatta, with day 1 being the famous 'Tour of the Bay;' instead of a standard out and back type race, you go back and forth and across and up and down Little Traverse Bay. There are nearly 2 dozen different race courses that they might use, and some of them have up to 15 'legs.' The drive can be a bit of a pain in the behind, and if you leave late on Friday you will assuredly get in Saturday morning, but the parties are totally worth it, and the sailing venue cannot be beat. Let me know if you are interested, and I will get back to you with more details. Plus, it will help to have another car venture north.

As of right now, we are a bit short of crew for this race weekend. Even if you are just starting out, it is very much worth the trip to drive up on Friday and return on Sunday. Let me know!!

See you on the water!