04 September 2008

PTP Boat of the Year

Hi Gang!!

Well, I have been out on Free Radical sailing in the 36.7 North Americans, but the weather was a bit TOO rough today, so I got to spend some time crunching numbers after they abandoned the race.

For Boat of the Year, Port-to-Port, the way they score the races are like this: There are 8 eligible races (all were run this year,) but they only take the 4 BEST finishes. So, if you are finishing in the upper part of the fleet regularly, you can drop out of a race or two and STILL come in first place! (This is why dropped races for scores stinks so badly...)

So I built a spreadsheet, and added things up, and here is what I have. The only fly in the ointment is; I am not sure if being DSQ counts as a throwout or not. Regardless has 1 DSQ. The rules are a bit vague, and there is no guidance with regards to that. If you CANNOT throw out your DSQ, then here are the results for the top 10 boats as of the end of the season:

1) Certainly 9
2) Spitfire 12
3) Regardless 13
4) Sorcerer 15
5) Maskwa 19
6) Michela 23
7) Scheherazade 37
8) Retriever 40
9) Wanda 41

Appendix "A" of the RRS does not state that a DSQ cannot be one of the throwouts, but if the SI says that is has to stay, then we are in 4th, not 5th. Since I cannot find that anywhere, we must assume that a DSQ can be a throwout race. The fun thing, is that with 21 entries, they will award 'brag flags' down to 5th place. :)

Our 'brag flag' for 2nd in Michican City - Chicago will be awarded at the CYA Yachting Ball (see upcoming events on the right.) Hopefully we will also be coming home with a 4th or 5th place flag for Boat of the Year. The truly sad part, is that there are so many throwouts! We have done very port-to-port this year, but Certainly was DNF or DNS on TWO races, but still had fewer points than us. If there were NO throwouts, we would be in SECOND place, three points behind Sorcerer, one point ahead of Regardless, and 13 points ahead of Certainly. But, thems be the rules, apparently!

Pics, etc, to come in a bit.....



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