02 September 2008

Tri-State Results

I know Scott will post a full story on the Tri-State this weekend, along with photos no doubt. In the meanwhile, here are the results.
Friday (Chicago to St. Joe): 11/21 (8 DNFs)
Sunday (St. Joe to Mi City): 11/21 (Thanks to the magical wind shift)
Monday (Mi City to Chicago): I think LMSRF put it best...

1751909FandangoLuken III, M.D.,Martin G.72CYCJ/10914:53:3905:18:3904:44:27
31642252SpitfireHellquist/Warter63WYCFranklin 4015:14:1505:39:1505:09:20
41752337RunawayGorey,Tom66CCYCElan 4015:20:5305:45:5305:14:32
52640625RegardlessTeam Regardless60CYCN/M 4015:28:2605:53:2605:24:56
628521Dos AguilasGignac,Jim87CCYCJ/10515:46:0706:11:0705:29:48
74041625SorcererD. Draper & G. Fyksen72COLSchock16:19:2906:44:2906:10:17
84342747ScheherezadeAlwattar,Jamal84CYCLexcen 3416:28:5806:53:5806:14:04
94642234SerenityHirsch/Marks81CYCBeneteau 4216:42:2007:07:2006:28:52
DNF2024TallgrassLowry,Miles78MORFBeneteau 10R Fractional Sloop
DNF2425578Paradigm ShiftDickerson,Dave72CYCC&C 115
DNF2336CertainlyDonald Meyer72COLJ/109
DNF51249Full TiltPriede/Stewart72COLJ-109

On top of that, I did a bit of calculating with the posted results and see how it would affect our standing in the BOY PTP series. Unfortunately, the St. Joe to Mi City results are not yet posted but, I'm 95% sure Don will be leaving the CYA ball with a BOY PTP flag. The only question is which one...

- Splash

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