20 July 2011

2011 Mac brief

Hi Everyone!

First off, everyone who sailed with Maskwa, with our good friends on Dark Island and Turning Point, is safe and sound on the Island.

Maskwa was about 5 miles from the scene where Wingnuts went over. Our hearts go out to the 2 sailors who were lost on that boat, on that night. The storm was the worst most of us had ever seen, and according to George on TP, it was the worst he had seen in 50+ years of offshore sailing.

The quick and dirty for Maskwa;

We were first over the finish line in our section. Unfortunately, our handicap for this race is quite unfavorable, so we had 5 boats close enough behind to correct over us, putting us into 6th place. Gauntlet, who had passed us Sunday morning, and we had spent the day chasing down, was one of the first boats on the scene where Wingnuts went down; they worked to pull people out of the water, and search for survivors, so they were given time rewarded under redress for that action, placing them in 1st place. Considering that they were ahead of us at that point anyways, they obviously deserve that First Place position!

We raced hard, and basically led the pack all the way up the lake, but we were simply not far enough ahead when the storm broke and then when we finished to win. Them's the breaks. It was a great race, and we had a fantastic time. The crew worked very hard.

There'll be an email out when I write up the full report for the blog, but that's the basic info.

Our hearts go out to the friends and families of the sailors who were lost on Wingnuts.


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