02 July 2011

Hi Gang!!

Well, the preliminary results from last night's race across the lake are in, and Maskwa is continuing to score well! Dig these results!

We were right behind Runaway coming around the mark in Michigan City, and even though we fell another minute or so behind, it was never far enough ahead to bother us.

It was an amazing, almost 9 hour long race for us. We passed Jahazi coming to the finish, even though they owe us 21 seconds/mile, and we just crushed Princess M on the 3rd leg.

It was a great race. Everyone pulled together, and we sailed well. We made no real mistakes, especially considering the lack of sleep by the end of the trip (Starting time was 1955, and we finished at 0439... makes for a lonnng night!)

Your crew of Don, Adam, Andrew, Carly, Mary Ellen, Crystal, Ryan, Darren, Ute, and myself were beat, but very happy at the end... we knew we'd at least be on the podium, and another 1st place to put up for Maskwa!

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