18 April 2012

Updated Race Season!

Hi All!

Well, I have updated our race schedule with our most likely races for this season. It's all there on the right on the box (also boat work weekends, etc...)

A few changes and notes--

Mackinac Yacht Club has moved the Race 'Round The Island to follow the Port Huron - Mackinac Race. That sucks. We've done it every year they have had it, and now they are having the race before we get there. I've removed it from the schedule for now.

The Abe Jacobs, which has started off the season for us, and us working as R/C for the Regatta, has been moved to August. Thanks, NATO!

We have a BUNCH of long distance/port-to-port races leading up to The Mac. There is a Chicago to St Joe entire weekend race (Friday start, Sunday return) that is new. I do not know if it is a night start. A few weeks later we have the Waukegan weekend, the Queen's Cup, the Michigan City round trip, and then the Mac.

This should bode well for us; we have done quite well in long distance races, so let's welcome them with open arms, and go out there and slay some boats.

There will probably be a practice weekend or two in there before the Spring Opener, and we usually do not do the Olympic Cup, but we may do both. The Chicago Long Distance Classic is not in the Area III website, although it is still in Crewsignup for July 1st. That would probably mean we would not be doing the Queen's Cup.

So you can see things are still quite up in the air for a few races.

Any way you slice it, we have a great season coming up. Hope you are all ready!!


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