25 April 2012

Delivery Weekend Info!!

Hi Gang!!

Just a quick note for this weekend (Saturday, April 28.) (and more, as it turns out…)

Nearly all of the prep work is done, Don just needs 2 or maybe 3 people to come up for a few hours on Saturday to be paint mixers and maybe wash and wax (and if time permits) help rig the mast. We got a ton of work done this past weekend, so we're almost ready to go into the water! (Somehow Ryan managed to avoid his yearly task of sanding the boat bottom with Don… The Skipper may have something special planned for him now…)

Please let me know if you are interested in being his slave for a few hours that day… I mean helper… helper… please contact me and I will put you down. There is always more boat work to be done… ;)

Once that is done, here is what else is coming up:

Delivery Info:

Delivery Saturday, May 5th.

The plan is to take the train up to Waukegan as per usual. Here are the trains that get in on time to get us off the dock by 11am.

Train 803

Ogilvie Transportation Center - 08:35
Clybourn 08:43
Ravenswood 08:48
Rogers Park 08:52

Waukegan 09:50

One Way fare is $6.75. You can pre-buy (in the station) or pay on the train.

There is a train that leaves a bit after that, that gets into Waukegan at 11:50.. for OBVIOUS reasons, that will not work to get us off the dock by 11am, however, if we know you are coming…. and… you missed the train and are stuck, we will most likely wait. Please everyone try to make Train 803.

We take the train because then we don't have to go back up and retrieve cars. That is a pain in the ass.

Practice Starts!!

Saturday May 19th

Boat Call will be about 10:00(ish) am. We plan on sailing for about 3 hours, depending on how we are doing. If you are new to the boat or to sailing it would probably be a good idea to come out this day… lol. We do a lot with newer sailors when we get in our Wednesday night beercan races, but this would be a great time to get out on the water and start experiencing what we are actually DOING when we DO things on the boat. Good relaxed time to ask questions, and do other fun things, like start learning how to trim a sail, how to grind a winch, how to hike out you rummies… oh, wait. Anyways, it'll be a good time. Those of us Ye Olde Hands at this sailing thing could probably use a rust remover sail or three, also.

…and… what you are all waiting for….

Race Info!!

Well, Don has been up to his heinie in alligators with regards to the race season. Dates are changing, races are swapping out handicap systems, all kinds of political BS and shenanigans, so while we know there WILL be a season, as of yet, Don's major concern is just getting Maskwa safely dropped into the water and down to Chicago. Plan on the first race being the Spring Opener, and we'll take it from there. We will have a good practice or two down by then, and a pair of beercan races (one the tune-up, then Beercan #1.)

Cheers all!!


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