20 May 2012

Out for a sail...

Hi gang!

Well, we got out and got a little sailing in yesterday (and boy, are my arms tired!)

I know I am not the only one with a good case of sunburn. Owie. Nothing like a little high overcast to let you burn. And no sunscreen. And sailing upwind so you don't feel the heat.

Got the rig stretchd out, put some sails up, tacked and did some pole-less kite flying to boot.

So there are a few errors in the schedule that I need to fix, I'll be emailing about that within a few days. As of right now the plan is to not race the Spring Opener and to practice that weekend, and get ready for the NOOD. Once we are past that, it looks like all distance races until Harbor Springs.

So, more to come....



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