27 May 2012

Practice makes perfect

A note on the word 'perfect.'

Have you ever wondered about the use of the word 'perfect' in the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution?
"We The People, of the United States, in order to form a more perfect [emphasis mine] Union, ..."

"More perfect?" How can you get 'more' from 'perfect?'

Actually, at the time, linguistically, perfect meant something along the lines of 'as good as it is going to get, for now, but it can, of course, be made better or get better.'

So you can improve upon perfection.

So our practice on Saturday was perfect. We did great getting sails up and down, got the 'chute flying nicely, jibed, doused, set the jibtop, all kinds of good stuff. Was like we had been sailing quite a bit of the season. Gives me the warm fuzzies. Let's see how we do on race day now. (first race is the NOODs, even though they lied and said they would have PHRF sections, which are now ORR, so that will be fun.)

We'll just have to go out and sail fast.

While we're having fun, a big huzzah! goes out to our friends on Turning Point and Skidmarks for their 1st place finishes in today's Olympic Cup Regattas. Unofficial finishes at this point, but Skidmarks with a 1st and a 3rd, and Turning Point with three 1st Place finishes...

More to come, and see you at the Wednesday night beercan!!


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