31 May 2012

Beercan Review

Hi Gang!

Well, we came out of our first beercan with a 2nd place (at BPYC.) We had perfect weather, great winds, all we needed was a little more experience on board, and we would have had the spin up and raced down that 2nd leg.

We had a good time, the new peeps are coming together well. David took some heroic waves working on the foredeck, and was ably assisted by Mary Ellen and Ryan. Made some sail changes look easy; the boat sailed well, even though we were rigged for light air as far as rig tension goes.

I'm of 2 minds about the new format for the beercan races. I like the trapezoidal course, except for one thing. I think it does give a slight advantage to the sprit boats. They sail off the wind a little more efficiently than we do, so we lose the advantage of a leg that goes close to straight downwind. On the other hand, we found how well we can sail upwind with our jib top reacher!

The season is coming along well... We are gelling nicely, now all we have to do is put it all together.

Looking forward to practice Sunday!!


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