17 July 2012

2012 Race to Mackinac

Hi All!!

Well, getting close to Race Time!

This Saturday, July 21st, Maskwa will be starting at 1210 on another Race to Mackinac. Personally, this will be my 10th race; Manny, our own Old Goat, will be racing his 28th, Don is on about 14, and on down the line.

If you would like to follow us up the lake, you can click on this link. We are in Section 5. The Section menu is on the left hand side; just click the section, and follow us up the lake; simple no?

There have been lots of problems with race tracking in years past, however this company has an excellent reputation with race tracking equipment, so hopefully you will get close to real time updates.

4 days to go. Maskwa has a 1st in the Queen's Cup, a 2nd in the NOOD, a 2nd in the Chicago - Waukegan… we're race ready if we ever have been. Pray for strong (Maskwa favored!) winds, and a safe journey.

Your 2012 crew is----

Don Waller (The Bear)
Manny (Peruvian War God)
George "Splash" Chlipala (claim to fame-- only person thrown off the boat by the boat.)
Ute Tegtmeyer ("It depends")
Carly "Jaws" Power (When she leaves her mark on the boat, she really sinks her teeth into it!)
Ryan Sadowy (famous quote from last year "Everyone talks about the weather; this isn't so bad" right before the 100mph winds hit)
Nicole "Sophie" Stanton-Louviere (Leaving us for Florida… but still a Maskwa girl!)
Lynn Kozak (Jetting in from Montreal for the race, only took us 10 years to steal her from Salsa, and now they sold the boat.)
Me (nothing special here.. move along… more along…)

Strong winds, fair skies, and following seas.



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