27 April 2011

Delivery Info

Hi Gang!

Well, the mast is built up (but not up,) the rudder is installed and painted, and our own Maskwa is ready to be lobbed into the drink later this week (gently, of course.)

While we were working on the mast today, Don noticed that the "Sheeve" at the top of the mast for the jib is not quite right; it had a lot of play in it, and it should be stable. The guys at Larson's are working on that right now, and we'll be up and running when it is delivery time.


Union Pacific/North Line Train 321

There are no early trains up to Waukegan on Sundays. Here is the sked for Sunday, May 1st:

Ogilvie Center 10:35
Clybourn 10:43
Ravenswood 10:48
Rogers Park 10:52
Waukegan 11:50 (end of line)

If, like me, you fall asleep on trains, (or flying, for that matter,) the fact that the end of the line is where you want to get off the train comes in handy. Don will be down there early, but there will still need to be quite a bit of work done in order to get her ready (like rig the mast, run the running rigging, etc...)

Life jackets are mandatory. Right now we have who I know is going at the bottom of the list. The weather forecast is calling for strong winds out of the South the day/night before, so it'll be a good thing not to have to do the delivery early. Hopefully the winds will pass through, and the seas will have a chance to die down.

You will need foul weather gear. Layers are good; more layers are better. With no wind, you can count on a 5 hour trip at the very best, and more likely a 7 hour trip if the winds are anywhere close to the bow. Plan accordingly.

As of the last email I got, Here is who we have going;

Carly (still at 85% and holding)
Andrew (if the bitch wakes up in time)

Plenty of people to bring the boat down. I am pretty sure that one of Don's brothers plans on doing the ride, too. So far there is no need for food; plan on someone sent for a food run before the boat leaves the dock.

Hope you all are well, and I will be thinking of you as I bounce around flying in Florida (where it'll be in the 80s all weekend... damn work!)



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