26 April 2011

Start of the Season

Hi Gang!

Well, looking at the start of Sailing Season 2011, it's going to be a bit sparse.

We have the delivery from Waukegan to BPYC scheduled for May 1st, with rain dates of the 2nd and 3rd.

After that, we will have at least 1 weekend practice; it's still a bit to cold out to be doing our Wednesday night practices, but we may schedule something to keep us fresh there.

Out first 'Regatta,' we will actually be Race Committee for, and that is the Abe Jacobs, on Sunday, May 22. This used to be a 2 day event, but there are not a lot of boats registered for the regatta anymore, so it has been condensed into 1 day of racing to shake the cobwebs out. More details to come there, but things are still up in the air because of what's going on with Area III anyways... but plan on R/C that weekend.

For those of you new to the boat, R/C work involves setting up the race course, judging the starts and the finishes, and generally having a good time and horsing around on the boat for hours at a time. We don't sail it, we judge it. It's a great way to learn how races are run, and what is expected.

We will not be doing the Spring Opener or the Olympic Cup, so our first real race will be the Long Distance Classic on Sunday, June 5th. (Wow!! So Late in the Season!) The schedule has been in quite a flux, but this is how it is panning out for us at the moment. We will try to get a practice sail in on the weekends, to get us up to speed. Directly follow the Long Distance Classic, we'll be dropping off those who cannot take any more, and then spinning out to finish the racers coming back from the St Joe - Chicago Race. We could be on the water until very very late, so if you can't stay, then when we are done with our race, you can hop off when we go ashore to resupply the rum.

The Wednesday Night Beercan Series starts with the annual "Tune Up" Regatta on the 25th of May, and then the 17 race series starts on June 1st. This is the best time to come out and learn what we are doing.

That is all the news at the moment. Things have been kind of slow, and the boatwork is mostly done. Don needs to make sure the rudder is installed Tuesday (tomorrow,) or at the least we will be directionally challenged. Rudders are difficult to install once the boat is in the water.

Cheers all!


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