08 April 2011

More on boat work!

Work Party Participants,

For those who are coming tomorrow, I should be set up to put everyone to work about 10:00 am.

For those who may be first timers coming from Chicago, Take 294 North and exit at Belvedere Rd. going east. Keep going until the water is in view and the road ends. Then left to the second stop sign (or is it three)where you make a right turn, go about 100 yrds and then left. The location is the W building at Larsen’s Marina in Waukegan. It is just after the silos and the building along the road to Larsen’s. If you get to Larsen’s you have gone too far. Anyone who is lost or needs detailed instructions give me a call (312 446-5386).

I will have a sliding door open so everyone will have easy access to the boat. We are in the back row on the north end of the building, not our usual first row position.

The plan is to wash and wax the hull and complete as much of the bottom sanding as possible. A few other items may be completed depending upon how much we can accomplish with the main tasks above.

Any plans for a second day of work can be planned after we see what needs to be finished after tomorrow.

See you in the am.


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