23 October 2007

Post Season Sailing, and River Trip!

Hi Gang!!

Well, Saturday the 20th was simply one of the BEST sails of the year! Very simple to ask ANY of the gang that was there (all 14 of us,) and they would all most likely agree.

Met down at BPYC on the dock a little late for starting, but we didn't miss our start signal! Rounding the South end of Burnham Harbor, we set the main. Only a few moments decision (quote - 'I don't think we'll have to jibe...') we set the "Bear Face" medium 'chute, and we were off. Instant 7 kts under those sails, with a nice breeze from the WSW. With Katie flying, and then soon with Rohit flying and George driving, we rapidly reached speeds of 8.5 kts sustained. Hit the magic 9 kts with a little work. Not too bad, for 5 weeks after the end of the season, only a few regulars, and a heavy boat! Simply lovely! Took the chute down as we neared Waukegan, and after passing EVERY sailboat that had been North of us from the start of our sail.

Added pics here so y'all could 'join in,' and be with us vicariously. It was really a fantastic day, and Now it is time to enjoy the offseason. We will all be getting together soon, to celebrate, and have fun. Hope you enjoyed the season, and let's look forward to the next! Maskwa Rocks in 2008!


p.s.. I finally have a good picture of Splash posted!

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