17 October 2007

"River" Trip

Hey gang,

Well, we are a go for Saturday, unless something changes drastically with the weather. Boat Call is 0830, and we plan on being off the dock by 0900. We should be able to get to Waukegan in 6 hours, and then we can train it back. The stop is right next to the harbor. Weather should be moderate.... not terrible... so here's hoping!


Doug S said...

Fare well fellow voyagers. May the wind and seas be like your rum, swift and smooth.

Wishing you a safe delivery,

George Chlipala said...

Doug -

If NOAA is right (which we will find out tomorrow), we will have sunny skies, highs around 70, southwest winds 15-20 kts. becoming 10-15 kts. in the afternoon, and waves 2-4 ft.

So, it should be a rocket-ship ride to Waukegan... if NOAA is right.

- S McA