15 October 2007

Smooth Moves and Yacht Rock

Hi Gang!!

Well, for those of you who did NOT make it, both the Brunch at Katie's abode and Yacht Rockin' at Cobra Lounge made for the perfect combo.

First, we met at Katie's Kozy Apartment for some fritatas, sangria, and the embarassment of our Bears. Sigh. O.k., that out of the way, we had some funky conversation, and then The Bear, Splash, Yours Truely, and my lovely Mrs wandered over to Cobra Lounge for some Smooth Moves.

A bit of a late start for our band, but when they hit the stage, Smoothness and grooviness abounded. Rockin' us with the groovy sounds from the 70s that made superstar artists our of... Steely Dan... Hall and Oats... Michael McDonald... Kenny Loggins... well.. and many more, a great time was had. Cobra even brought in a beach for all those who wanted to play around, and truely live the experience. Yachties of all types were spotted, and the 70's lived on for one night, at least.

Check them out---

We really had a great time, and thanks to Carl at Cobra for the great venue, Smooth Moves for the groovy jams, and our own Katie, for the killer brunch, great bubbly, and getting us together.



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