16 April 2012

Boat Work Weekend!

Hi Everyone! (Even those who said they cannot make it this weekend….)

Our game plan is thus:

THIS weekend (21/22) is going to be our major push boatwork-wise. We will be working hard all weekend, but that is so that we're ready to go for the season. Thankfully, Don already has done quite a bit of work at home (sanding and staining the floors, etc…) so we only really have a few things to get done. Sand/paint the bottom, wash/wax the hull and mast/boom, rebuild the winches, and do some general cleaning.

We should be able to knock this out in 2 easy trips.

Saturday, for those of you who want to take the train, the best suggestion is Train 803 on the
Metra Union Pacific/North Line.

Here are the orders of the stops/departure times:

Train 803

Ogilvie Transportation Center - 08:35
Clybourn 08:43
Ravenswood 08:48
Rogers Park 08:52

Waukegan 09:50

Return trains are a piece of cake. There are trains every other (or so) hour from 12:10-19:10. The last 3 trains are out at, and arrive at
these stops at these times---

return departure times


Rogers Park - skipped
Ravenswood - 17:55
Clybourn - skipped
Ogilvie - 18:11


Rogers Park - 20:05
Ravenswood - 20:10
Clybourn - 20:17
Ogilvie - 20:28

The 22:40 train that is just silly late… I hope we are done long before that time!!

Fare one way for this trip is $6.75.

If you would rather drive, or organize a carpool for Saturday, You can look up Larson's Marine, Waukegan IL for directions from wherever you happen to be. Let me know if you want/need a carpool… we'll work out a convenient pick-up point.

Sunday!! (Sunday…Sunday… )

I will be driving up, and if anyone is interested in carpooling with me, please contact me. I plan on leaving about 09:45. If anyone else is interested in setting up a carpool, or can make it Sunday, let me know.

That is all for now, hope all is well, and start thinking of sailing (actually, as Don says, it should never be far from your mind anyways!)


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